Guardiãs do Cacau


Cacao is the Goddess who crowned in us the rescue of ancient knowledge

We were together for 5 days in this feminine fabric and we are certain that Pachamama's heart is also our heart.

We opened a dimension outside of time where The Four Elements guided the path that brought us back to the origin of our nature. Organic and visceral, the savage emerged in the dance of light and shadow that sang the soul and transcended the stars.

In Bahia lands, in the @pedradosabia plantation where the heart fruit is grown, we experience the sacred intimacy with cacao in abundance.
Ritualistic ceremonies connected us to the sense of healing, vitality and expansion that surrounds the mystique of this consecration.

Mother, Goddess, Abuela Cacao, we salute the seed of your fruit that came to live within us. We are ready to sow.
It is a love without size to honor the dream and envision possibilities.

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A salutary toast to this enchanted wheel. Medicine Women.
An incredible journey.
Heya Guardians!

Photos / @paulominds

Text / @andreasume

Visionary Guardian / Jurema Woman Medicine