For you who heard or felt the call of the Spirit of Cacao, I invite you to enter into the circle. I invite you to dive into a gentle and powerful journey towards a deep connection with yourself, where you will reconnect with

your heart, your body, your soul and your own divine essence.

An invitation to a 21-days journey of Ancient Yoga practices, integrating shamanic experiences and communing cacao as a medicinal plant. There will be five days of immersion in each element

The experiences are dedicated to EARTH, WATER, FIRE and AIR through the
techniques of matriarchal Tantric Yoga: Pranayama (expansion of bioenergy), Mudra
(gestures, magnetic shapes and symbols made with the fingers and hands), Puja
(energy return, reverence, offerings), Mantra (vocalisation - kirtans, japas), Kriya (purification), Asana (body positions), Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and Samyama
(meditation) in conjunction with ancient shamanic practices and medicines: Music,
Dance, Medicinal Herbs, Clay, Cacau and Sharing Circle.

There will be five days of immersion in each element

What is included in this journey:
• Live opening wheel and cacao ceremony
• Four recorded practices of Shamanic Yoga • Cacao Wisdom notebook PDF

• 21 days of email communication
• Access to the exclusive Facebook group
• Tzolkin: relatives for 21 days

Image by Josefin


Heya Cacao!
Heya The Four Elements!

Note: This experience is not suitable for pregnant women, people with kidney stones
or allergies to Theobromine.


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