One of the first people to bring the ancient knowledge of the Sacred plant spirit Cacao, Jurema is a Medicine Woman who share experiences, rituals and ceremonies across the four corners of Gaia, our beloved Earth.

Since 2009, Jurema has been studying and teaching ancient, matriarchal and Tantra based forms of Yoga.

Certified in Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in India.

A visionary, she dreamed and created a union of ancient cultures, combining Shamanic Yoga with Cacao Ceremony.

She lives in Terra Mirim : Centre of Light, a shamanic community in Bahia, North Western Brazil, where she follows the path and the teachings of Pachamama

I am Jurema.

 I am WATER. I am EARTH. I am FIRE. I am AIR. I am NATURE. I am Shakti, the feminine cosmic energy.

 I am free. I am a cabocla, a daughter of Tupinambá. I am a warrior of light and love. I am a seeker and healer of myself. I am a guardian of Sacred Cacao and follow the Shamanism of the Mother Goddess.

Walking through life I took my first steps towards awakening in 2009 with Ancient Yoga practices - matriarchal and tantric - in England.  I subsequently graduated in Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga in India.

At my Soul's request, I reconnected with Nature and have been immersing myself in shamanic teachings and practices since 2013, in Terra Mirim - with the Bird Tribe, a Shamanic community in Bahia-Brazil, where Nature is Master!

Today I serve, share, practice, study and teach both Shamanic Yoga & Cacao Ceremony, throughout Brazil and Europe.

I live the dream, this is my service. Under the guidance of my teacher XamAM Alba Maria I have been creating, transforming and developing my work since I arrived at Terra Mirim for their 21st birthday, it has been a seven year journey so far.

Following journeys in Europe, I heard my heart calling for healing, therefore I drank the elixir of love and surrendered to the medicine of Sacred Cacao.

I was initiated as guardian of this power plant in Spain (land of my ancestors), where deep experiences of lives and deaths brought me revelations and the certainty that this is my path, my portal of healing and light.

With great honour and gratitude, I continue to serve by sharing my knowledge with humanity.

As a medicine woman, rescuing the tradition of the Cacao ceremony from our South American lands, I bring inspiration to everyone who seeks healing and connection with the heart.


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